Hip-Hop And Fighting Games: The Perfect Marriage

This music also does a great job of staying faithful to the source material, as you can hear bits and pieces of this song while Goku fights Beerus in Battle of Gods, especially here.
Raul Julia was a legend. The man was battling stomach cancer while filming for this movie, which proved to be his last.
This song was fucking prophetic with its lyrics. “You know, we just clicked in and made you realize
This game is twice as hard, You see that with your own eyes.” People were straight-up scared to pick this game up due to how difficult it was to master. It made the competitive scene all that much more special.
If you’re a Trump supporter, take the L and move on, please.

Southwestern Alumni ‘19 | Former Collegiate Football Player | ΠΚΑ | Sports Writer | Almost Beat Hungrybox In Smash Bros

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